A bit about me?
Sure, why not.

Sometimes people ask me about my process. Nope, not gonna tell you….That’s proprietary.

But I will share one of my dirty little secrets with you: I am a poet who doesn’t have a whole lot of time for poetry.

Hypocritical, yes….but hear me out before you judge.

I have favorite poets, hell, some are even good friends. But I can’t get on the “Anything can be poetry” bandwagon.


E.D. Evans, Edie Evans, poet, writer, NYC, Tucson

No. Anything can be crap. Not just Anything can be poetry.

Poetry requires a bit of cerebral discipline—Not just vomiting random thoughts on paper, or jerking off whatever cums to mind on a keyboard.

Poetry is the burning desire to communicate ideas and tell stories in minimal words, Maybe even jigsaw your conundrum with a bit of rhyme, thus adding an extra layer of complexity.

And what about metaphor?

There are thousands of ways to say what you mean without overtly saying it. A mere shadow of an image that arises like a spectre from the far-left-field of your cranium’s ashes can, with the right loving touch, morph into a ballistic missile.

—E.D. Evans (aka Edie Evans)

Q: But who am I to say so,
and why should it matter?

A: I am no one, and it does not.


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